UK Family Visas

Want to live, study and work in the UK. Your father, your mother or your grand parents can apply for your right to remain in the UK. The UK welcomes you, provided, you fulfill the criteria laid down by the UK authorities.

The UK family visa is categorized in the following:


Your spouse can get the right to remain in the UK, if you are a UK national. A 2 years probationary period for your right to stay in the UK will be granted to your spouse. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, you will be allowed to make an application for extension of the probationary period, or for the grant for permanent leave to remain in the UK, leading to UK nationality.

At the time of application, the applicant must provide evidence that he/she is legally married to the UK National or the permanent resident of the UK. Their relationship must be genuine and that they intend to live together in the UK.

Basic requirement for Spouse Visa

Applicants need to prove genuine relationship and also must confer that their relationship is of the continuing nature. Along with other travel documents which includes the valid passport, marriage certificate, bank documents etc, the parties must be of 21 years of age, must have met and have and have been legally married and will prove that they intend to live together in the UK. The applicant will be given a leave to remain in the UK initially for the 2 years probationary period on successful evaluation of the request for the grant of leave to remain in the UK.

Application for extension, or for the grant of permanent leave to stay in the UK or for the citizenship of the UK can be made upon the completion of the probationary period.


The application proving the intension for marry the UK resident or the UK national entitles for a six (6) months leave to remain in the UK, provided the applicant proves that he /she would get into the matrimonial upon arrival, after which, the couple can make an application to vary their leave.

Subject to meeting all the requirements, the applicant may be granted extension (2 years leave to remain in the UK)

UK FIANCE(E) VISA Requirements

Age of applicants must be 21 years at the time of application. It is mandatory that the applicant fulfills the basic requirements when applying for the Fiance(e) visa.

The Fiance(e) is required to provide temporary residence for the period of six months. Upon marriage of the couple the can apply for spouse visa and for the grant of leave to remain in the UK for 2 years.

However, 6 months entry visa to the Fiance(e) does not permit him/her to study and work during this period.