Appeals for Visa Refusals & Administrative Reviews

The visa applied for is refused by the visa officer taking into account the immigration rules of that particular country and the category you have applied for entry clearance, temporary residence or visit to any country. 

The possibility of turning down or amending the refusal decision by the case officer of your application is having a bright chance of reversing your visa refusal. Therefore the document you may have missed to submit along with your visa application, authentic document of your financial status, your current employment or self employment acceptable evidences, properly defined sources of income, evidences of your fixed and cash assets.

The summary of Questions & Answers, if conducted by the concerned diplomatic mission personally with you or accompanying applicants. We very carefully studied your refusal and make a summary of what you may be lacking to provide with your application. We match the immigration rules applied by the visa officer to refuse your visa application and assessed if you had fulfill the meanings of that rules or visa officer has misused his right to refuse your application taking shelter of immigration rules, which are unknown to a common person. 

Our team of experts handles each and every application upon their requisite merit and leaves no stone un-turned to provide an Administrative review or Refusal Appeal cases using all the logic of explaining the derivation for immigration rules applicable to your refusal case. We take minimum time possible or take care the binding of time limit allowed to you for administrative review or Refusal Appeal. 

When we take your Visa Refusal Case we shall inform you that what current or new documents we will need to make your appeal or Administrative Review.  We charged reasonable fees for these services.  We take these cases for all the countries around the world.

Our working is based upon: 

  • Sincerity 
  • Use of expertise in visa immigration matters
  • Devotion and dedication to provide you the best of solutions 

Refusal of Visa Applications are not the matter of dejection, we cannot give you the guaranty because we are not visa giving agency but our track record of 80% plus success rate is our pride.