Why Chose UK for Higher studies

The United Kingdom is the hub of the financial, cultural and education in the world where over 150 universities and higher educational institutions exist. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the places in the UK where most of the world class teaching facilities are present. UK takes the pride of being focused on education where renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford have been providing unparalleled quality of education. The UK universities have taken 4 out 10 spots in the QS 2016 World University.

UK has been the choice of many Pakistanis, who have made England their second home. The cities of the UK provide cultural diversity. Over 1 Billion Pakistanis have chosen Britain to be their second home. Over 1.4 million Pakistanis travel to and from the United Kingdom every year. UK is the country where over 10,000 Pakistani students are presently studying the educational institutions.
England honors the youth that have the thirst and hunger for knowledge. The UK provides equal opportunity for all the students from all over the world and encourages them to come and study here. The country that makes you feel you are at home.

To encourage bright students to come to the UK and study, UK’s Chevening scholarships, the most prestigious education scholarship programs for the last 26 years have been providing the deserving students an opportunity to arrive here and complete their higher education post graduate courses and research programs and becoming the honorable member of the community. More than 30,000 scholarships have been awarded to post graduate and research students under this program. Visit British Chevening Scholarships for more details